Euryale Chronicles


June 3301

Independent party United Euryale First, led by charismatic leader and assisted by the squadron of EG Pilots, began the struggle for power and independence of the Euryale system from dictates of the corrupted feds of Future of Euryale.
Taking advantage of the unstable situation in the region, political power of the Empire, led by Zemina Torval, decides to seize the LFT 78 and surrounding systems. An active lobbying has started.
The Civil War between United Euryale First and Future of Euryale has begun. Fierce battles are blazing throughout the Euryale system.
Forces of United Euryale First have managed to take control over main system starport - EG Main HQ, and are pressing Future of Euryale fighters across the system. United Euryale First leader has sent EG Pilots mercenaries to support LFT 78 opposition.
United Euryale First became a dominating force in Euryale system. Remaining radical rebels of Future of Euryale are being eradicated from the planet surfaces. Future of Euryale leader has turned himself to the new system government, he is under arrest and under investigation at the moment. The Civil War is over.
Federal government has announced that it does not recognise an armed seizure of power in the Euryale system, as well as overthrow and arrest of the democratically elected government. They've demanded an immediate release of all arrested members of the Future of Euryale. An active mass-media campaign against United Euryale First has begun.
Universal Cartographics, the largest interstellar non-governmental space cartographical organization, still has not changed a government designation of Euryale system. However, internal data suggests that the system is separated from the Federation. Representatives of the Universal Cartographics did not comment on the incident.

July 3301

Due to the increased pirate activity, Euryale Solutions has hired several major security companies to protect their assets and trading ships in Euryale system. Some analysts point out that the size of their mercenaries contingent has reached parity with the United Euryale First forces.
Anti-seizure operation against Zemina Torval in LFT 78 has failed. Mercenaries from EG Pilots have retreated to Euryale system. Zemina Torval has declared this group illegal throughout the Empire territory, but unofficially Euryale government condone their activities on its territory.
The second Civil War has erupted in the Euryale system, this time between United Euryale First and the mercenaries of Euryale Solutions corporation. Clashes are raging all over the system.
Euryale Solutions board of directors has been declared wanted across the system, corporate accounts are frozen. The investigation is underway.
Last mercenaries related to security companies "Red Hawkmoth" and "The Faen Shield" from Firen system, either fled, killed or arrested. Also, the commander of "Faen Shield" mercenaries, Garrett So, has been captured and is now testifying. The confrontation between United Euryale First and Euryale Solutions’ merceneries is finished.
System economic plans are being developed, as well as plans for future expansion of United Euryale First beyond the borders of Euryale. System is getting new recruits and ships now.
The investigation team has been sent to the Firen system to investigate the incident related to mercenaries of the security companies "Red Hawkmoth" and "The Faen Shield".
After questioning Garrett So it was announced that Euryale Solutions board of directors did not leave the system, and was on their secret research ice station "The Chill" at Euryale 9. Detachment Special Forces were sent to the station for members of the board detention. Upon arrival it was found that all of the station’s inhabitants were dead. Preliminary tests showed that the board and scientists were dead at least for a week. However, the mercenaries of the "Red Hawkmoth" and "The Faen Shield" companies were killed two days ago. The investigation is ongoing.
United Euryale First opened its representative office in the Ullese system.

Federal government has condemned and accused United Euryale First (UEF) of a brutal massacre of the Euryale Solutions leadership. They have requested an immediate unlock all of their accounts and assets in Euryale, and also asked to allow their own investigators on the crime scene. Upper management of Nabatean Interstellar, whose affiliated company is Euryale Solutions, have stated, that they are concerned and saddened by the events taking place in recent years in the Euryale system and have brought condolences to families of the victims. Also they have required to conduct an immediate independent intersystem investigation of Euryale Solutions directors board death. In the near future the management team will head to the system to deal with the affairs of Euryale Solutions.

Statement of the Federal Government greatly undermined the UEF credibility in the eyes of Euryale citizens, however in the Ullese system, controlled by corporation Ullese Natural Limited, these news have met an excessive system-wide approval

The investigation revealed that President Guillaume Ledoux, as well as Future of Euryale members of the former government's cabinet and the head of EG Main HQ station, Paul Marikov, were repeatedly taking bribes and participated in numerous schemes for money laundering. Their direct connection with several major tragedies and crimes in the system was defined. For instance, depressurization of B2 section occured on 28.02.3301 at EG Main HQ station, while the section just recently underwent a major overhaul and had successfully passed the Safety Commission examination. This incident has led to the death of 53 people. The hearings in the trial will be open in a near future.
United Euryale First have announced the creation of the First Expeditionary Corps, which is ought to represent and protect the interests of UEF outside Euryale. Admiral Nathan Fillion was appointed as a Commander. He have already raised his flag on the Impetuous, Anaconda, recently assembled at the shipyards EG Main HQ and successfully passed space trials. There are 10 ships of this class still on a shipyard stocks, as well as 15 Pythons and 60 Vipers in varying degrees of readiness.
UEF reports that several people, who wished to remain anonymous, have donated a significant amount of money to solve the problem with the supply ships for the First Expeditionary Corps. There are already been bought and re-equipped 5 ASPs and a T9.
Formation of the First Expeditionary Corps is 60% complete. Completed construction of 1 Anaconda, 2 Pythons and 50 Vipers. Trials will be conducted in the coming days.
The Investigation team has returned from Firen system.
Workers from the Roche Works production platform are not satisfied with their working conditions. Trade unions are threatening with strike if the management will not listen to their demands. Ullese Natural Limited’s security reports on the EG Pilots’ members system activity, organization prohibited in the Empire and responsible for the massacre in LFT 78.

Tensions in Ullese grows. Workers from the Roche Works production platform went on strike, blocked the administrative sector and the control room. Ullese Natural Limited’s security pulls their ships into the system to ensure traffic safety.

UEF stated about full completion of the First Expeditionary Corps formation. Now the Corps holds trials around Euryale 5.


Ullese Natural Limited learedship has refused to negotiate with the strikers. Clashes between workers and station security has began.

UEF trading ship transiting through Ullese received a distress call from the station and after making a jump into Euryale has immediately reported to the authorities. To prevent more bloodshed in the system First Expeditionary Corps was headed there, but on the way to the Roche Works he was stopped and attacked by the Ullese Natural Limited forces.

August 3301

First Expeditionary Corps drew off the main security forces of the Roche Works by holding false maneuvers and firefights and allowed a small special operations team to close in and board the station. A few hours later specops team suppressed all the resistance of security forces and took a full control of the station.

First Expeditionary Corps dislodged the remnants of the Ullese Natural Limited security forces from the system. Humanitarian aid was sent to the station and severely wounded were transported to Euryale. Zemina Torval have made a statement:

I do not approve the invasion and capture of Ullese system by UEF military forces, but I admit that the security service has reacted too harshly on the workers peaceful strike. And If not for the intervention of UEF forces it would result in much greater casualties. I assure you that those who responsible for that situation will suffer punishment commensurate with their crimes!
Marquis du Kausha has opened its representative office at Roche Works station, Ullese system.
Marquis du Kausha has signed a number of trade contracts with Roche Works representatives.
The activity of criminal elements belonging to the so-called Ullese Gold Cartel group has greatly increased over the past few days. The workers and station visitors concerned about the rise of crime, but UEF authorities assured that all criminals will be given a proper repulse in the near future. Ullese completed the formation of the system police corps.
The First Expeditionary Corps forces and the system police corps have raided on members of Ullese Gold Cartel group during past week. A number of senior members from Ullese Gold Cartel group were arrested, as well as multitude of other junior members of this criminal syndicate.
Forces of The First Expeditionary Corps have made a transition to Euryale system.

September 3301

Soft tax and customs policies at EG Main HQ station led to an increased business activity throughout the system.
The struggle for power has begun between the members of Ullese Gold Cartel.

Sugrivik News reporters have published their investigation of the corruption in the ranks of the UEF officials. It turns out that Frank Moss, Head of the EG Main HQ customs service, as well as two of his deputy and several captains of supply ships were in touch with The Family. Journalists were able to identify a scheme whereby toxic waste was imported into the system. Smuggled goods were being delivered to the Popovich station, where ships carrying supplies for the operational purposes of the main system outposts were forwarding it to EG Main HQ. Then the ships supplying the small research outposts at EG Prime were dumping the waste to the planet surface.

A spokesman for UEF said that currently Moss and others mentioned by Sugrivik News were suspended from their posts and put under house arrest. All available evidence are being verified.

A small informative note:

As many of you know EG Prime is still not colonized. The main population of the system resides in EG Main HQ and other stations. This is mainly due to the rather meager allocation of funds by the federal government, since most of funds were allocated to Sugrivik, the system opened up ten years earlier. During all these years after the system discovery and construction of the Popovich station, only four research stations were built at EG Prime: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Each station is designed for 50-100 people capacity. Alpha and Beta were built by Euryale Solutions and Future of Euryale. Gamma and Delta built by Colonial Drones together with Euryale Exchange. There is a rumor that The Family possesses few bases on the surface as well, but there is no reliable evidence of that.

The main processing and production facilities, as well as the headquarters of Colonial Drones, are located on the EG Main HQ station.


Today, the court have announced the verdict to so-called "Euryale’s five". Former Euryale President Guillaume Ledoux, Head of EG Main HQ station Paul Marikoff, Minister of Justice Elvira Tsean, Minister of Finance Barry Stroten, Minister of Home Defence Rin Hashimoto at average received 80 years in prison for corruption and abuse of power. Also their actions, and in some cases inaction and negligence led to numerous victims.

The comment of one of the workers from the robots assembly factory:

You know, I think it is too lenient punishment for them. My father in law died in section B2. They deserved a clean walk through the airlock, and instead they got a clean room and three meals a day!

Today, there’s been a shootout between the police and five members of The Family at the outer side of the ring at sector F18 of EG Main HQ station. They were armed with military-grade weapons, which they put to a rather good use. Luckily the station plating hasn’t been compromised, yet six policemen were seriously injured. Doctors are fighting for their lives. No civilian casualties. All thugs have been eliminated.

Commentary of one of the pedestrians who has witnessed this skirmish:

Where do these morons get rocket launchers and miniguns? Five of them smashed the entire sector! Ledoux was a thief, but at least he kept these anarchists under control!

October 3301

From an anonymous source associated with the group leading the investigation it became known that a conflict with Euryale Solutions involves Kumo Crew thugs. They have killed the scientists and the board of Euryale Solutions as well as the mercenaries of security companies at the station "The Chill". However, the investigators could not figure out what goals they were pursuing.
A spokesman of UEF has announced that one of the star systems have signed an agreement to open a representative office. Details will be known in the coming days.
Marquis Du Kausha with the support of UEF intelligence prepares a punitive operation against Ullese the Gold Cartel. Several pirate bases have been found on moons around Ullese 1.
Initially, pirates gave fierce resistance to the forces of Marquis du Kausha effectively pushing them to Ullese 1. However, the approaching reinforcements have helped to hold the position.
UEF press-secretary announces the opening of their agency in Aparctias.
First Expeditionary Corps has been moved to Mithra system for maneuvers.

Marquis du Kausha forces went on the offensive and gained a full possession of the outer space around Ullese 1 b and c moons, where Ullese Gold Cartel bases are located.

Operation commander - Viscount Ertsef von Brumenshtane, gave the further plans of his divisions away as follows: "Now we are going to bomb them!"

Part of the population on Aparctias came to the demonstration with demands to immediately hold elections between LFT 78 Patron's Prinsiples and UEF.


An election campaign between LFT 78 Patron's Prinsiples and UEF has started in Aparctias. Almadrava station resident’s note:

Although their promises do look attractive, not everyone are excited about UEF arrival.

Sugrivik News journalists have published a report about UEF trying to rig the elections, bribing voters and threatening candidates from Patron's Prinsiples. Euryale officials did not provide any comments concerning this matter. Representatives of Patron's Prinsiples have reported that UEF representatives had asked to suspend the campaign and were willing to pay for all the associated costs.

Sugrivik Today issued a detailed report on certain UEF officials and their families spending money on the resorts of Sugrivik system. Councellors’ names were announced particularly: Pyotr Tasil and Loudo ibn Maul.

A state of emergency has been imposed at the EG Main HQ station, the entire population of the station have been ordered remain at their houses. There are rummors that UEF leader has been assassinated, but officials did not provide any comments. An anonymous source reported that a courier ship was sent to the fleet with orders to immediately return from the maneuvers and block Euryale system.

Last night the groupof about 50 ships have droppedout of the supercruise next to the station and blocked the starport. Just 30 minutes later a well-armed men seized station main rooms, astrocontrol’s office, the administrative sector and the government building, located on the ring. Witnesses are reporting the sounds of battle near the houses of some high-ranking UEF officials.

Astrocontrol operator, Bob Somas:

I don’t know who they were, but they came out of nowhere! A military courier ship had departed an hour ago, and there was nothing on a radar, and then suddenly there is a mark at about 12 kilometers! While we have tried to figure out whats going on, Anacondas and other ships started falling out from supercruise! It seems that these psychos were at full speed and using the emergency drop-off! While everyone stood gaping at arriving ships, I noticed a few ASPs sat unmarked. And in nearly five minutes a few armed men in combat suites entered the control room and politely asked us to leave.

The spokesman informed that some of the UEF board of directors’ members, have attempted a coup and tried to capture EG Main HQ, but timely and swift actions allowed to prevent that. Unfortunately, some of the conspirators were managed to escape. Councellors Frank Pan, Pyotr Tasil, Lydia Kravez are declared wanted. There is information that suggestes they are hiding on Ullese now. Due to the latest events and a fact that part of United Eyruale First members didn’t justify people’s trust, our leader and his loyal supporters were formed a new faction - EG Union.

Loudo ibn Maul, who was captured during the cope attempt will stand trial.

November 3301

EGU announces the opening of their agency in Putamasin.

Today the official representative of Lakon Spaceways in Euryale said that his company will be soon ceasing a production of Asp at EG Main HQ shipyards and will also dismiss about five thousand employees.

The system is becoming unsafe. Just this week we have lost fourth transport with the components for our production lines!

- Said Roger Ferris, a spokesman of Lakon Spaceways.

There are also rumors that Falcon deLacy are planning to reduce their ships production at Euryale shipyards.

The representative of Falcon deLacy has announced that their company will reduce a line of the ships made in Euryale. In particular they will discontinue the lines of Anaconda and Python. As a result, a part of the freed personnel will be transferred to the new assembly line of Viper Mk IV, and other part will have to be dismissed.
Putamasin Today reports that EG Union are negotiating on purchase of industrial station Baffin Gateway from Putamasin Empire Assembly.
Today had been signed an agreement of sale and purchase of Baffin Gateway, Putamasin Empire Assembly passes the station control to EGU. The contract value is not disclosed.
Normann Ling has been arrested at EG Main HQ. The containers with radioactive material were found in the secret sections of his ship.

Falcon deLacy representative has reported about establishment of a new assembly line for Cobra Mk IV ship at the EG Main HQ shipyards and that about 95% of previously dismissed staff will keep their jobs.

This is great news! It is hard to find job in this system nowdays, and I can’t feed my family only by unemployement benefit

- Kevin Mukherjee, one of the assembly line workers.


Putamasin Life Incorporated has announced that Baffin Gateway station was bought illegally. Putamasin Empire Assembly had no right to sell the station without Federal Government and Life Incorporated approval.

EGU has reported that transfer of the Imperial property on the Empire territory was carried according to Imperial laws and procedures.

December 3301


Sugrivik News reports that EGU is sponsoring a pirate group Purple Brotherhood whose thugs are constantly attacking transports of Putamasin Life Incorporated.

EGU denies these allegations and recalls that its ships were also repeatedly attacked by pirates of the Brotherhood.


Tension in Putamasin system increases. EGU reports that security forces of Putamasin Life Incorporated have attacked their supply transport. Pilot has managed to eject within a few seconds before his shields have collapsed.

Putamasin Life Incorporated announced that transport entered the restricted area near the Putamasin 2a.


This morning the First Expeditionary Corps under the command of Admiral Nathan Fillion made the transition to Putamasin to ensure the protection of the station and supply ships. But he was attacked by Putamasin Life Incorporated on the way.

The Putamasin Life Incorporated forces committed a treacherous attack on our Corps which was going to provide the security of our people on Baffin Gateway station. All the interstellar community have now seen the true face of the federal corporations!

- EGU press-secretary.

Putamasin Life Incorporated have announced that EGU had invaded Putamasin and calls on the federal government to protect them from EG Union military aggression. Sugrivik News reports cruisers FNS Thanatos and FNS Ajax from the nearest base were sent to Putamasin system to support Life Incorporated.


There is a fierce fighting around Putamasin 1 and 2. Two strike groups of corporation with the support of cruisers is trying to push the EGU forces back to Putamasin 3.

Several thousand residents of Weil Orbital rally in the administrative area of the station demanding to stop the fighting. Significant security force were drawn there.

In the evening most of the residents went home.


Today, protesters gathered again, building a tent camp in the administrative zone of the main square. Their number is growing by the hour.

Advancing of the Life Incorporated forces had slowed. Many of independent pilots took the side of EGU Expeditionary Corps, also EG Pilots were seen in the system.

Station security tried to disperse the rally, but this only provoked the crowd and a fight broke out. There are plenty of wounded on both sides. In just a few hours riot has spread throughout Weil Orbital.

With the support of independent pilots the EGU forces struck back and managed to disable FNS Thanatos. FNS Ajax had suffered a serious damage, but it was able to retreat and leave the system.

There are rumors, saying that the majority of independent pilots, who participated in the conflict belonged to the group outlawed in the imperial systems called EG Pilots.

After the defeat of federal cruisers Putamasin Life Incorporated forces retreated to Hartog Terminal. EGU troops were deployed on Weil Orbital. They took the station under control and restore the order in a couple of hours.

Putamasin Life Incorporated has announced that it is EGU provocateurs who have organized riots at Weil Orbital. While the station's security forces tried to restore the order, several dozen of armed men have captured the control room.

EG Union denies any involvement in the unrest on Weil Orbital.

Under farfetched pretexts, Life Incorporated trying to take back from us our lawfully acquired Baffin Gateway. When the legal methods didn’t work they’ve decided to use force and the federal fleet (whose help wasn’t very strong). Their irresponsible policy stirred up the people! Although we actually have control over the system, we give residents of Weil Orbital and all of Putamasin to choose their own future themselves.

- EGU press-secretary.


An official representative of Lakon Spaceways Roger Ferris said that the production on the shipyards of EG Main HQ will continue, but instead of an Asp Explorer there will be an Asp Scout assembly line.

Unfortunately, we still have to dismiss a small part of the staff, but it's better than firing them all and closing the entire production in this system

- Said Roger Ferris.

Anonymous sources suggestes that it become possible by a contract between EG Union and Lakon Spaceways to build 25 Asp Scout in shipyards of EG Main HQ for military needs.

EG Union announces a referendum on joining Putamasin system to EGU. It is appointed on December 20.12.3301.
Putamasin Life Incorporated has announced that it would not participate in this farce and will never accept the treacherous capture of system by EGU dictatorship.
The Putamasin Life Incorporated forces have been moved towards Weil Orbital. The First Expeditionary Corps went out to intercept them. The fight is in progress.
The Euryale Government together with independent commander Pite have announced the New Year races on Euryale 6a, December 25, with a prize fund of 30 million credits. Both experienced racers and beginners are invited, as well as sponsors.
Life Incorporated forces were suffering heavy losses, and had retreated to Putamasin 2a. By the end of the day the strike group 1-3 has started a combat assault of Hartog Terminal.
Mercenaries are proved to be involved in conflict on the Putamasin Life Incorporated side.
Mercenaries and Putamasin Life Incorporated forces managed to lift the siege of Hartog Terminal.

Expeditionary Corps has retreated to Weil Orbital. EGU Press-secretary has answered the journalist’s question whether or not EGU is considered a loser due to it’s failure to capture a Hartog Terminal:

here was no operational task to capture the station. We wanted to protect the civilians from possible aggression from Life Incorporated during the referendum, and we coped with it 100%. Unfortunately, the referendum had to be postponed. A new date will be announced later.
EGU has opened an office in Mat Zemlya system.
Today it was announced on the conclusion of the contract with Earls of Mat Zemlya on the supply of protective clothing, robots and resonance separators for their bases. An anonymous source have declared that the negotiations went for a couple of weeks and finally the parties were able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Pirates of the gang Mat Zemlya Ring with the total number of 15 ships "Eagle" type, have attacked the trader’s convoy from EGU to Earls of Mat Zemlya in Euryale system. Guard forces have managed to repel the attack, but the pirates destoyed one T9-type transport and two Viper MK IV. There are only two survivors out of five members of T9 crew. Both Vipers commanders were killed in action. In total five people were killed and two injured.

Ships of the guard forces managed to capture one of the attackers alive, all the rest were killed. The investigation is underway.

Today in Mat Zemlya system the EGU trading convoy had gone missing. At the appointed time it did not arrive at the destination and did not get in touch. The part of Expeditionary Corps was sent to conduct a search operation.
Ships of Expeditionary Corps, conducting search operations in the Mat Zemlya system, were attacked by mercenaries of Mat Zemlya Universal & Co. Due to the disperse of the ships, 20 ships of seach group were killed, others managed to retreat and regroup. All of the Expeditionary Corps forces are sent to the system.
Mat Zemlya system suffers from fierce fightings.


January 3302


Today all the news agencies in Euryale have published a New Year address from the Head of EGU faction to all the citizen of Euryale:

Dear friends. This year was a turning point for us. Our system and all of us have gained independence. We had a lot of obstacles to overcome along our path, a lot of difficulties, and a great loss and deprivation. Not everyone was able to live through it and share the joy of victory with us. Their hard work and dedication will not be forgotten! They will stay in our hearts forever!

But let’s not rest on our laurels! There will always be new challenges ahead, new obstacles, and those to whom our independence, our achievements and our home will be a desirable prey. Such is the injustice of the universe.

And yet, I do know that together we can stand against it. Only United Euryale allowed us to overcome the difficulties of the past year, and only the Union of us all will help to overcome the future!

Happy New Year!


Ships of the Expeditionary Corps in Mat Zemlya system managed to destroy the main forces of corporate mercenaries from Mat Zemlya Universal & Co. Their scattered forces are now either surrendered or fled from the system.

Executives of Mat Zemlya Universal & Co strictly denied any involvement in the incident and assured they did not give orders to attack the EGU search parties.


Coalition of Mat Zemlya proclaimed that in connection with the incident of the last days they are no longer going to tolerate EGU warships on its territory.

The representative of EGU at Mat Zemlya system declared that the ships of Expeditionary Corps will stay in the system until the very last missing member of EGU is found there.


Economic experts predict an increase of the business activity in a very near future. In some systems there appears to be a raising demand for goods produced in EG Main HQ.

Supply contracts for the Earls of Mat Zemlya have been renewed

Technicians at Weil Orbital in Putamasin system reported recurring failures in both astrocontrol systems and guidance systems of the station’s meteorite protection and point defense.

Yes, we have heard about the so-called "technological plague". I'm sure this is not the case. And frankly, I think that most of the problems at those stations were caused by negligence and non-compliance to the operating procedures, and the remaining ones are outright sabotage.

We observed abnormal power surges in astrocontrol tracking and point defense guidance systems of the station. I had to black them out to avoid damaging the equipment. So now we will proceed with checking all the related sensors, antenna arrays and all the 20 kilometers of connecting cables

- said Samu Mgamna, the head of technical service of Weil Orbital station.

The situation at the Weil Orbital in Putamasin system has deteriorated. Today its point defence system gave a volley at the ship approaching the station. It did not suffer serious damage and quickly left the dangerous zone. The starport had to be closed for as long as it takes for technicians to ensure that these incidents will not happen again. Flight control service on Baffin Gateway reports that Weil Orbital station transponder transmits the identification codes of Putamasin Life Incorporated.

Technicians from Baffin Gateway in Putamasin system reported that they were able to reconnect multiple tracking satellites onto their control center.

Unfortunately, our equipment is not designed for the number of satellites to be operated by astrocontrol on Weil Orbital, so we will not be able to track full system traffic in real time. However, periodically we will be switching to other satellite groups in order to not leave the system patrol without cover
- said Ekaterina Rumyantseva, head of the control service at Baffin Gateway.

Ships of Expeditionary Corps have been sent into Putamasin system to assist in patrol procedures, as most of the system security ships are being locked at Weil Orbital docks.

Today the control service at Baffin Gateway in Putamasin system observed a large concentrations of ships near Hartog Terminal, Brongniart Observatory and Brahe Survey while switching to a different tracking satellite group.

Over some time they moved to Weil Orbital. Ships of Expeditionary Corps were able to intercept them at 30 kilometers from the station. The battle engaged.


It was reported that the Expeditionary Corps of EGU have suffered heavy losses, Admiral Nathan Fillion was seriously wounded, and his flagship destroyed. According to anonymous sources from the government, the Weil Orbital’s defense system opened fire at the Corps ships, when numerous PLI forces managed to push them back to the station. Within five minutes station was shelling EGU forces, ignoring the PLI mercenaries, until station technicians put its main reactor down.

Complete destruction was avoided thanks to the strike force under the command of EGU Vice-Admiral Lin Fey supported by the ships of independent pilots. She hit the rear of the PLI forces and put them to flight.


Technicians from Weil Orbital have reported that they were able to establish the cause of the fault for the guidance systems of meteorite protection and point defense, as well as restart the station’s main reactor. In several technological tunnels there was installed a special equipment intercepting the control of station defense systems. Evidence is that it was secretely installed by the security service of Putamasin Life Incorporated, when it became clear that PLI are no longer controls the station.

A complete verification of EG Main HQ and Baffin Gateway for the presence of this type of equipment is underway.

The medical stuff of the "Medusa" Military Hospital at EG Main HQ reported that Admiral Fillion’s condition stabilized, but is still critical.


Reporters from Sugrivik News have released a report on recent developments in Putamasin system.

Sunset of the despotic regime in Euryale? EGU gang is crushed!

It became known from our anonymous sources that during the last battle of the so-called Expeditionary Corps of EGU they have lost in killed and wounded up to 70% of staff and 80% of ships. According to experts, EG Union will not be able to quickly make up for such losses, and the more so to fight.

КAs it became well known to our viewers through the last six months and more, news from Euryale system stirs up our region of space. First, one gang of bandits, hiding behind the high slogans and alleged support of the people, staged an armed coup and, despite the best efforts of the democratically elected government, they were able to capture EG Main HQ. After that they invaded Ullese, incited the station workers to rebellion and attacked Ullese Natural Limited security service taking over Roche Works! Empire tried to hush up the case, saying that the security forces Natural Limited "allegedly" not adequately responded to the protests of workers and supported the actions of United Euryale First. A very strange twist, is it not? While Empire, as a matter of fact, lost its control over Ullese.

Then, apparently not willing to share with his former crime accomplices, their leader founded a new group, and being covered by the same slogans about the corruption and venality of the authorities he put a massacre at EG Main and its surroundings! After coming through all the shock, people are now dragging out their miserable existence on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Attempts by the federal government to agree on humanitarian aid deliveries to Euryale were unsuccessful.

Yet again, these bandits manage to persuade the Empire represented by Empire Assembly in Putamasin to sell them Baffin Gateway! And then the question arises: why the Empire supports such barbaric regimes on its borders?

And now, under the false pretext of protecting "their" people on Baffin Gateway as well as supply convoys, what the irony, from pirate attacks, EGU brings their Expeditionary Corps into Putamasin. Of course the security forces and the federal system of the fleet could not close our eyes to this and attacked ships violators! But EGU, using provocateurs as before, started a riot at Weil Orbital. Unfortunately, there were not enough security forces to ensure order on the station and the federal fleet had to retreat in order to prevent civilian casualties.

However, the fleet, together with the security forces of PLI carried out a brilliant operation on the results of which we have reported previously.

Our analysts expect that without its "Corps" EG Union regime will fall in the next month and as Euryale is freed from that gang, democracy and the law will prevail again!

Technicians from Weil Orbital report that they have fixed the station’s transponder and now it transmits identification codes of EG Union.
The press secretary confirmed that the Expeditionary Corps did suffer serious losses -
Yes, we have suffered heavy losses, but do not think that our determination has weakened so much that we willingly and without a fight get back to the miserable state of the previous years.
Vice-Admiral Lin Fei was promoted to the rank of Admiral.

Search for the missing convoy continues in Mat Zemlya.

It is become known that investigators have received a new information from a survived pirate, one that together with his other accomplices had attacked a convoy on 27.12.3301. His exact words are not reported.


All the available forces of the Expeditionary Corps under the command of Admiral Lin Fei have been directed into Mat Zemlya to search for the missing convoy. It is also reported that multiple independent pilots have joined the search.

Coalition of Mat Zemlya demanded all EGU ships to leave the system in 24 hours, otherwise they will be moved out of the system by force.

EG Union declared that their ships will not leave until they find the missing convoy.


Coalition of Mat Zemlya released a statement that their patrol was attacked by the EGU search party, which CoMZ tried to detain. EG Union reports that it was CoMZ patrol that attacked first. Reports about military clashes between CoMZ and EGU are incoming.

FNS O’Brien has arrived into Mat Zemlya system
Contradictory reports are coming that FNS O’Brien either left Mat Zemlya or it has been destroyed.

A spokesperson for EGU has informed that Admiral Lin Fei with support of independent pilots have succeeded in defeating the Coalition of Mat Zemlya forces and capture mining stations Pelliot Vision and Tanner Dock.

There are rumours that almost all independent pilots taking part in conflict belonged to the EG Pilots group, but officials refused to give any comments on this.


Euryale Today reports that FNS O'Brien was seriously damaged immediately after dropping from the warp into the conflict zone, and was forced to flee the system. Also they tell the story by sergeant Neville Pullovsky, one of the pilots of the Fourth Squadron of Expeditionary Corps who was watching the event:

So, me and my mate, Mikhalych, sat down on the tail of one cobra and started diggin’ holes in her, huh. She wiggles-wobbles, kicking her afterburners trying to drop us, but we kept it tight. Long story short, Mikhalych was lucky to shot it right into the power plant and it stalled. Well, we went for a laser walk on her guns a coupla times and then left alone.

Now we were planning to return to the main bunch, and then the onboard computer just went crazy. Like a shot we figured that something biggie jumps down right on or head and took it to the heels. Retreated for two and a half clicks, dropped heatsink and went adrift. Here, this fat carcass starts to fall in. Sure thing, I had seen cruisers, but not this close. All in all, he completed the jump and headed towards the main scrum. We have scanned it by passive sensors and were going to steal a march on it by fetching an arc, so to warn our pals, as we saw a series of flashes from one of the engines and a couple at the bow of the ship. Bang, and the ship began to heel on the left side with one of the engines clearly misfiring. In about a minute or two a Hauler launched from it and started to burn a rubber at full speed as a wing of condors went after him. Hardpoints deployed, clearly keen to knock him down. Well, me and Mikhalych, without second thought we started to chase them. They were so carelessly busy that we immediately cut out a couple. The remaining two went down shortly after that, apparently some rookie pilots. By the time we were done that Hauler already commited a jump. Mikhalych said that we gotta move away from the cruiser while it has not launched fighters, as he just started turning in our direction. Well, we circuited him by the radar limit and went to our crowd. Since that we didn’t see it.

EG Union government has refused to comment on the event. No comments from the Federation followed either.

EG Union goverment reports on creation of the Union Military Starfleet (UMSF). Ships of the Expeditionary Corps will be alloted to it, as well as units that are still being formed at the moment.

Press-secretary of EGU confirmed the lack of heavy ships in UMSF.

At this moment fleet in need for such ships as Corvette, Anaconda and Python. Unfortunately, Faulcon DeLacy has stopped it’s production of the last two of them in EG Main HQ’s shipyards, so we have to buy the ships of that type from other states.
Admiral Lin Fey has been assigned to command the 1st UMSF fleet. It is reported that fleet formation is completed by 80%, and in the coming days the 1st Fleet will proceed to excercises in Putamasin system.
Medics at the "Medusa" Military Hospital in EG Main HQ reported that Admiral Fillion got better. His condition is estimated as moderate.
EG Union reported that 83% of citizens voted for Putamasin to join the Union.
EG Union announces the closing of Putamasin system to ensure the safety of civilians during the fleet excercises.

February 3302

No data from Putamasin system for two days. However, there are rumors that a few days ago "Damocles" Federation cruiser was sent to the star system.
Still no news from Putamasin system.
A spokesman for EG Union reported that fleet excercises in Putamasin system have been completed and now this star system becomes open to the public. He also expressed his gratitude to the Federation and Putamasin Life Incorporated for their assistance and asked to tow FNS Damocles away from the system as soon as possible, since it interferes with navigation near Hartog Terminal.
Reports come on stepped-up pirate attacks in Euryale system.

The situation with the pirates in Euryale system continues to deteriorate.

"Their attacks are becoming more daring and EG Union intends to put an end to it!" - Said a spokesman for EGU.

It is reported that the forces of the First Fleet of UMSF (Unioin Military Starfleet) blocked the space around Euryale 6a and brought down all the ships trying to leave the planet without inspection. Also naval forces blocked Popovich Station and Grantt Enterprise.

Admiral Lin Fei has declared an ultimatum to the members of Family of Euryale.

I appeal to all members of the so-called Family. You have 42 hours to lay down your arms and surrender. Whoever does so, will get half of the maximum sentence for his crimes, the death penalty to be commuted to a life imprisonment. Those who do not wish to take advantage of this highly generous offer of the Government and attempt to resist the arrest will be eliminated.
It has been known that the pirates have made an unsuccessful attempt to break the Euryale 6a blockade. It also became known that several dozen Family’s ships surrendered throughout the system.
The forces of the First Fleet began orbital bombardment of the Family’s hidden bases on Euryale 6a. After several hours of bombardment Family members entrenched in Taylor Barracks and Converse Landing, surrendered to the authorities.
It is reported that after at the outposts learned about the bombing, the pirates have laid down their arms. Marines and police forces, unopposed, took control of Popovich Station and Grantt Enterprise.

Euryale Today released the first part of report on the Family and a black market in Euryale.

Ever since the days of president Malcolm Jay Johnson, the predecessor of Guillaume Ledoux, Euryale residents knew that Grantt Enterprise can buy almost everything. Almost immediately after the construction of the station it came under control of the Family. It was rumored that they sponsored the election campaign of Johnson, but it was impossible to find direct evidence of that.

Grantt Enterprise is located at the very borders of the system, revolving around the tenth planet. Such a remote location, unique position of the Euryale 10’s orbit, as well as incomplete coverage of the system by the tracking satellites, allowed for all sorts of individuals to carry illegal goods in and out of the system. Grantt Enterprise had become a warehouse of illegal goods on the way to such a densely populated systems like Sugrivik, LHS 1020, LTT 700, Zelano and most definitely Synteini.

Later the Family was able to subjugate the market at Taylor Barracks, which allowed to earn income from the majority of transactions in the system as well as to settle on Popovich research station, thereby securing a readily available warehouse for illegal goods.

With Ledoux’s raise to power the situation has not improved in the system. Influence of Family continued to grow. They had acquired a number of settlements and many small bases across the system.

It has been known that the diplomatic ship, sent to open a representative office in Kerebaei, did not arrive at their destination. Search teams were sent to his route.

A spokesman for EGU informed that the diplomatic mission ship was found in the system ICZ ZU-X b1-1 planet B6a.

We can only tell at the moment that ship captain, two pilots, navigator and the first officer have died . The other members of the crew and passengers were found uninjured in an escape pods, placed into the anabiosis state. The first examination showed that the ship has not received any visible damage, it was landed gently on the planet and then de-energized.
It is reported that the EGU government have sent another diplomatic ship to Kerebaei system.
EG Union has opened an office in Kerebaei system.

Today press secretary of EG Union responded to some questions by journalists about the diplomatic Corvette found a few days ago.

According to the ship crew’s stories hyperspace jump into one of the systems became stalled. Scientists have not been able to establish the cause of this phenomenon, which every captain encountered at least once. So, following the security protocols, everybody except the captain and one of the pilots had to stay in escape pods. So far we have not established the reason why the bridge was full of officer stuff, how had they received the injuries incompatible with life, and why those who were in escape pods were also placed into anabiosis.

Now technicians work with black boxes, data banks of the ship as well as with personal electronic devices of the crew members and diplomatic officials onboard to find out what did happen. However, a preliminary analysis showed that the memory of all these devices has been carefully erased.

The investigation is ongoing.

Today press secretary reported that EG Union negotiates with Allied Kerebaei Defence Party about purchasing the Parry Stop station. The transaction should be completed in the coming days.

March 3302

It has become known that EG Union purchased Parry Stop station from the Allied Kerebaei Defence Party.
Anonymous sources said that the government of EG Union negotiates with Kerebaei Empire Assembly about the purchase of rights on Kerebaei system, as well as the outpost Hiroyuki Settlement.
Kerebaei system and outpost Hiroyuki Settlement are under control of EG Union. Anonymous sources said that maybe in the near future Kerebaei Empire Assembly will also sell Eisenstein Dock outpost.
On Hiroyuki Settlement in Kerebaei system epidemic of flu has broken out. EG Union government urgently dispatched several ships to provide the station with proper medicines.
Medics from Hiroyuki Settlement in Kerebaei system reports that with so many medical supplies thay will be able to take the epidemic under control very quickly.
Economists have reported increased business activity in all the systems controlled by EG Union.
The doctors of the “Medusa” Military Hospital at EG Main HQ in Euryale system reported that Admiral Fillion went on the mend, and after a few months he will be able to return to his duties.
Today it became known that EG Union have bought the Eisenstein Dock outpost from Kerebaei Empire Assembly.
It is reported that EG Union has opened its representative office in Mamaragan system.
Public polls in Mamaragan system show that the EG Union faction has become increasingly popular among the population. In this regard, more and more people openly state that they do not accept the policy pursued by Mamaragan Coalition and the Federation in relation with their colonies.
A strong growth of tension in the Mamaragan system between EG Union and Mamaragan Coalition has been reported. The last accused EGU in inciting the population to civil disobedience on Wolf Platform Station. Experts believe that all of this could lead to another armed conflict with one of the members of the Federation.

Today the EGU press-secretary has reported that because of attack of the Mamaragan Coalition mercenaries on the EG Union trade convoys, The First Fleet of UMSF has given in full combat readiness and moved into Mamaragan system to secure their trade routes.

There are reports that cruisers FNS Trander and FNS Neptune were seen in Mamaragan system.

There are reports of clashes between EG Union forces and Mamaragan Coalition forces in the vicinity of the main system’s star. Both sides accuse each other of the starting the conflict.
According to the anonymous senior federation officials FNS Neptune, despite the heavy damage, was able to leave the battlefield in Mamaragan system and made a transition to another system.
It has become known that the First Fleet destroyed the Mamaragan Coalition forces near Wolf Platform Station. The remaining Coalition forces retreated to the NN 3019 B (Mamaragan B) and Padalka Orbital outpost.
Admiral Lin Fei said that the garrison of Wolf Platform station surrendered without a fight.

April 3302

It is reported that the confrontation between Mamaragan Coalition and EG Union is experiencing a lull in Mamaragan system. There have been small skirmishes on the border territories controlled by the parties.
There have been reports that the confrontation in Mamaragan system keeps escalating again. Today Mamaragan Coalition forces supported by FNS Trander tried to approach the Wolf Platform, but were intercepted by the forces of EG Union.
It was learned that The First Fleet was able to beat the Mamaragan Coalition forces in Mamaragan A 1. FNS Trander left the system with a minor damage.
Admiral Lin Fei notified that The First Fleet forces have captured the Padalka Orbital outpost. Part of the Mamaragan Coalition mercenaries have managed to escape.
According to our data the Mamaragan Coalition mercenaries who have fled recently, engage in illegal activity in this region of space, due to which EG Union have established the isolation regime throughout the territory under its control to maintain the order

- said the press secretary of EGU.